Help develop a fantastic Design Code for Prestwich!

Complete our simple Questionaire

Sitting alongside the Neighbourhood Plan, the bespoke Design Code will help Prestwich Village set its own standards for design locally and will be used by all future planning applications and developments taking place in the neighbourhood plan area.

We are using this questionnaire to encourage you to contribute with your thoughts and ideas to help us shape the focus of the Design Code and to ensure that our vision is community led and can be successful in setting achievable design expectations for quality future development in our neighbourhood.

We don’t want you to share any personal information with us and we only ask for a name (which doesn’t have to be you full name) so that we can separate out the forms. And we ask for your postcode just so that we know you live in the local area. 

You can add as much information as you want into the forms but again, please don’t add any personal information.

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