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Longfield Centre Regeneration- 70449 : Planning Application

A big thank you to all those who submitted their comments onto Bury Council Planning Portal –we know it takes a lot of time and effort to consider the plans and the associated documents but it is worthwhile as it is your village and it should be developed to meet the needs of future generations and our aging demographic. 

We would strongly encourage you to have a look through the responses as the vast majority are well constructed and thought through and the points raised are reasonable and measured based on the information provided at the 1st and 2nd Conversations, the planning application and associated supporting documents.

Bury Council reported on the planning portal that they received 139 comments (as of the 04.04.24).

On reviewing the submissions to date there are:

  • 102 objections to the planning application many were focused around the traffic
    congestion, the sheer scale, density and saturation of the village with 210
    apartments and lack of family housing. The Carparking location and capacity was a
    significant issue and the lack of retail space were the key issues raised. TfGM and
    Conservation reports were cited as these evidential reports were unable to offer
    robust assurance to strengthen the credibility of the planning application.
  • 3 petitions have been submitted with a collective total of 135 signatories (not sure if
    these are counted as three objections or 135 objections)
  • 15 Neutral responses notwithstanding the majority of these responses raised
    concerns relating to traffic congestion, poor air, 13% less retail space Scale and
    density of housing and carparking
  • 18 Supporting the Plan expressing their support based on the conversations with
    Muse and Councillors that the traffic congestion will be managed effectively;
    Businesses will not be unduly affected regarding phasing and rents

You can read all the online submitted responses here on the Bury Council website

Feedback on our first community Consultation Event

Prestwich Village Neighbourhood Forum Management Group would like to thank everyone who ventured out in the rain on Saturday morning to learn about the “soon to be” developed Neighbourhood Plan.

A big thanks to Cllr Sean Thorpe for opening the Forum’s 1st Community Consultation Event – and giving his support to the Forum and his perspective on local democracy.

We will be sharing updates from the event on here and PVNF Facebook page in the next few days.

Hope you enjoy this short video as it explains what a Neighbourhood Plan is all about and an insight into the role of the Neighbourhood Forum: 

We are developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Prestwich

We are a group of local residents who have used the ‘Localism Act’ to establish a ‘Neighbourhood Forum’ that will help develop Prestwich in the way that residents and local business want.  

We will work with residents to create what is called a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ – you can read all about what a Neighbourhood Plan is here: UK Govt – Neighbourhood planning (the link opens in a new tab in your browser)

The Neighbourhood Plan will take time to deliver, we are told typically 18 months or longer is the minimum it usually takes. During this period we will collect ideas, share information with you all about what we are doing but also what we learn about the wider developments across Manchester such Manchester’s future transport strategy so that we can see how this effects Prestwich.

You will also be aware that the Longfield Centre is being redeveloped. Although the Neighbourhood Plan will not be ready in time to influence this redevelopment, we will share with you the redevelopment plans that we become aware of and advise on how you can give feedback to the Council and the developers on their proposed plans. 

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Please get engaged with the regeneration

We all need to help guide the planning process to give us the Prestwich Village we all want

To support the Prestwich Regeneration Plan and the future development of Prestwich in general