Feedback collected by PVNF on the 2nd ‘Your Prestwich’ consultation

The Village Redevelopment SECOND CONVERSATION took place during September 2023.

PVNF had a responsibility ensure the views of residents and businesses were represented in respect to the revised proposed masterplan for the village redevelopment. ‘Your Prestwich’ held a series of inclusive events which were well attended and PVNF Management Group members attended these too and gathered feedback.

This was achieved by conducting a number of 1:1 interviews along with reviewing the comments posted onto the various Prestwich focused social media platforms.

This qualitative data was anonymised, collated and the feedback was themed to reflect the constitutionally agreed PVNF Aims and Objectives.
Prestwich Environmental Forum (as an associate partner Forum with PVNF) also submitted a comprehensive feedback report.

The feedback reports were submitted to Font (Yours Prestwich) for consideration by the Council on the 7th October 2023.

You can read both feedback reports below together with the email we sent to ‘Your Prestwich’.

Email to ‘Your Prestwich’

Hi ‘Your Prestwich’ 


On behalf of Prestwich Village Neighbour Forum (PVNF) we would like to thank the ‘Your Prestwich’ team for so obviously having tried to accommodate much of the feedback received from the initial consultation held earlier this year. And from speaking to representatives of the project at the Library open day and the Q/A session it is quite clear that a great deal of research and thought has been put into the latest design. That being said, we are still aware that the community has a lot of different views, as indeed we do within the PVNF group itself.  


We are still in the process of creating a Neighbourhood plan, but we have been engaged with the community collecting their thoughts on the 2nd consultation event and we are sharing these in the 3 attached documents that we hope you will read and factor into the next stage of planning. The three documents are:  


  1. Extraction of comments from various Social Media Pages including the PVNF Facebook page – the comments have been recorded in this document as they were entered into the site 
  2. We had members of the PVNF outside the library on Saturday the 20th September speaking to people who had gone inside and collating their feedback 
  3. The feedback from the Prestwich Environmental Forum with whom we are closely aligned and work with  

Please note, the first two documents relate to feedback received from the community – these are shared as they were given to us. The third document is from Prestwich Environmental Forum and their work is backed by their own member, public and stakeholder engagement. 


Lastly, at our PVNF meeting last night we wanted to flag up some concerns that are important to us all: 


  1. The impact on traffic on Fairfax Road due the car park – it is essential traffic reports can clearly show there would be minimal impact  
  2. Most of the community like the word ‘Village’ and this needs to be used and not substituted with the word ‘town’ – a small but very important detail 
  3. Density of the Housing/Apartments is a continued discussion point  
  4. People who live and work in Prestwich Village value the services it offers and would appreciate assurances providing a clear pathway for community  and health services intended for the community hub 
  5. Lastly, there are major concerns over the loss of the independent businesses currently based in the Longfield Centre if the initial phase is not conducted with a view to keeping them alive 

I would be grateful if you could confirm receipt of this email, just to ensure you have it as we know sometimes external emails end up in ‘spam’ or ‘quarantine’ folders! 


Many thanks 


Prestwich Village Neighbourhood Forum

Documents shared with 'Your Prestwich'

To read a copy of the information we collated from outside the library in September 2023:

To read a copy of the Prestwich Environmental Forum Environmental Specifications – finalised version for PVNF: